Booking Details




To confirm a booking we request a deposit.

Without a deposit paid, you do not have a booking.

A Confirmation Note will be sent to you in approximately 7 days

as a record of your booking, so please check the details are correct.

You may ask to have dates put on Hold for short periods

while you organise your plans or group


Deposit for Bookings

Deposit to confirm is 50%

Payment options are credit card, EFT, cash, cheque or money order.

Balances are due according to the schedule below (see Cancellation Policy),

however, where we hold a valid credit card number,

the balance may be paid at time of check-in.

These terms can be varied depending on the booking

Deposits may be paid in instalments and

Deposits for significantly forward bookings may be paid

as 25% to confirm & 25% 90 days out from the dates booked

Please ask for details

When balances are to be paid by EFT or a direct bank deposit, please ensure funds are transferred according to any arrangements, because if an amount remains outstanding at check-in, we may not be able to make the accommodation available.


Cancellation Policy & Conditions

We do not like charging for cancellations and have rarely had to do so. If we are able to replace your booking with an equivalent one, there will be no charge. However, your booking is a contract with us for that time & space and late cancellations can be costly if we are unable to replace the booking. Therefore, it is best if you advise us as soon as possible if you need to cancel. A cancellation represents a significant loss for us in bookings foregone.

Should we be unsuccessful in replacing your booking, the following charges will apply based on the total for the booking . . . . . .

Greater than 30 days notice : 50%

14 days to 30 days notice : 75%

Under 14 days notice : 100%

Please discuss this with us if it causes concern.

Remember, we will make every effort to replace your booking.


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Mount Lofty Railway Station    2 Sturt Valley Rd. Stirling SA 5152
Adelaide Hills South Australia

Ph: +61 8 8339 7400
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